#1 PRIORITY: Health

by - 3:29:00 PM

As women, I don’t know how many of us tend to take health for granted. Instead of it being a priority, we sometimes put our own health secondary to our loved ones’ needs, well-being and health.

I am on vacation now in Beirut. During my first week here, I was taken over by the aftermath of a not-so-balanced lifestyle that I have been almost force-feeding myself for the past 6 months. Routine sometimes does that. I am not sure I was even aware how much things took a tall on me. 

Dizziness. Fatigue. I felt odd, like I wasn’t really myself. I couldn’t begin to enjoy the vacation yet. I hate feeling ill or tired. It makes me seem powerless, especially now that I have a family to take care of. I know we all go through low moments and instants of reality check!” but they should occur more often so we can quickly get back on the right track.Fortunately, my first week here was very decisive on my next course of action.

Eat well, look better and feel great! I am only 29 and my son is 2 ½. I don’t want to keep going in an inconsistent regimen and then later on regret not taking action much earlier.
I know I am an advocate for the plus size movement and curvy women but that doesn’t mean that we get to become irresponsible towards our health. You will not be able to flaunt your curves and walk a mile if your health is meh… not so…

I have been watching what I eat - with a little physical activity -
and it is paying off. I feel more energetic and when it starts showing on your figure, your whole body SMILES! So corny, but I guess that’s motivation. So ladies, embrace your curves, boost your confidence and love your body – Take care of your health! #1 PRIORITY

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