Flormar | A scope of affordable cosmetics

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"The voice of experience in the world of Beauty. FLORMAR.

Flormar, born in 1970’s in the city of Milan of Italy, carried all its production to Turkey in 1972’s starting a 40 years of adventure...

[...]  By increasing its success which was gained with the nail polish it entered the market; Flormar has become an irrevocable brand in women of Turkey’s nail polish choice. Taking its success a step forward after a short time beginning to operate in Turkey, Flormar  started to offer its product range from blush to foundation, eye shadow to mascara, lip stick to nail polish with high quality and budget prices to its consumers."(http://www.flormar.com/English/aboutus.asp)


This expending franchise has landed in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia!
Locations include Mall of Arabia, Haifa Mall & Aziz Mall.

So in love with it! I discovered this brand through my mom who had recently gone to Turkey and bought a whole bunch of Flormar products. Although mostly known for their immense range of nail polishes, I particularly love their compact powder, blush, mosaic powder and lipsticks. At a very reasonable price, you can pack up your seasonal makeup bag with colorful and trendy beauty products!

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