Pencil down this skirt!

by - 10:43:00 AM

Good morning ladies!

There is one more item I didn't mention, that also came with my ASOS Curve order.

I have never really worn a pencil skirt before and felt completely comfortable in it. But in this case, the skirt is cotton jersey knit so that makes all the difference. It is not one of those tight unstretchable things you agonize with when you just attempt to walk a couple of blocks down the street. Flowy texture, awesome contemporary print and I love its length! I could have downsized it a bit but for now I am really happy with ASOS results. Let's see how I do in my next order :)

Back to our glam outfit...

SPLASH Black Spaghetti Strap Top
EXPRESS Floral Lace Top
PRIMARK Graffiti Printed Pencil Skirt
BLANCO Black Bag
AVENUE Ankle Boots with Bow Detail (similar)

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  1. LOVE the skirt! omg why didn't I get this, you look awesome!

    1. Thanks dear! <3 Xx You should get it! It is for £5 !! I got it size 20. It is quite big so you might wanna get it 18 (if still available)
      But this one is not bad :)

  2. I am looking at pencil skirts but I have REALLY wide hips. Definitely like the midi skirt look too. I will probably purchase one in the sale if I can and try it out. :) Great look x

    1. This kind of skirts is not really my thing but I just want to give it a shoot - especially after I saw that it was on SALE! :)

  3. love this outfit spec the skirt <3