Style it My Way | Week 4 & 5 | Bodycon & Aztec

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Hello ladies!

Well, I am late on the past weeks' challenges! I missed Bodycon and Aztec :)
So I pulled myself together and decided to treat myself with a super fun afternoon of dressing up and photo-shoot. Finally, I decided to post both outfits in one major post.

So for the first theme BODYCON
This is a dress from WALLIS that I recently bought from Dubai from Debbenhams during the summer clearance mania! Love when that happens. You find awesome bargains. Got lucky with this cute B & W dress for only 80 SR ( ₤13 - €15). Mixed it up with a black blazer that I got last year from Forever21+ (similar) Oh and my ankle boots are from Avenue, which I also got last fall. Gorgeous. I love the bow detail at the back.

And for the second theme AZTECThe outfit came together quite smoothly. I recently bought these 'kinda' Aztec Geo Girl Skinny Jeans from Forever21+ They are really comfy! I love the fitting of any garment from Forever21+ for that matter. Sizing is usually accurate.
A couple of days ago, I received my order from ASOS Curve. YEY! So, to complete the outfit, I chose this long-sleeve peplum top with studs, which is also from ASOS Curve. I am simply in love with this top! I can't tell you how empowering it is.
* Wonder Woman with studds Mojjo * lol
Anyway, this time, in all my outfits I relied on some heels to give them that extra boost and zest :)

Week 4 & 5
Managed to close the gap! :)

Don't forget to look out for #styleitmyway and #psbloggers on Twitter to see how the other fabulous ladies put together this week's challenge DENIM. Also, if you'd like to join the weekly challenges, check out Felicity's page.

Have a fabulous evening ladies!

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  1. That top is fierce! Very unique and works so well with the rest of the outfit. Is it from ASOS as well? I was a little confused.

    1. Thanks dear! :) Yes it is! Loving it!
      Sorry - I'll clarify that with a caption under picture

    2. I absolutely love it. The more I come back and see it, the more I think it NEEDS to be in my wardrobe, haha.

    3. You should get it. It is also on SALE! :) I say go for it hehe

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. *wolf whistle* You look gorgeous, I especially love the spikes and aztec jeans outfit!

    1. LOL cracked me up *90's looney toons flashback*
      Thank you! I really fell gaga over this top. LOVE IT! It should also find a way into your wardrobe.