Review_Article of the Day | 'Skinny Bitches' by M.-E. Kassab

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The Arab region hasn't spoken loud enough about plus size women, curves, fashion, health and all that revolves around being curvy and/or plus size. I came across an article today called 'Skinny Bitches' written by Lebanese Maria-Elena Kassab for RAGMAG Magazine - a social, educational and entertainment magazine based in Beirut, Lebanon.

The title might sound alarming, degrading or discriminative but all it does is portray a sad truth that exists in probably all cultures and societies. Not all skinny women are b****s! It is a special social and eating disorder group of women. A category of females who poison casual outings - among friends - with their constant complaints about illusive weight gain whereas in reality they are as skinny as a poll. Craving for attention or just trying to point fingers on those curvier than them? Probably a mix of both.

"I gained 500 grms last night! I think I'll have a salad with no dressing."

Not only do these women reflect weight obsession but - whether intentionally or not - they also make people like me feel like enormous elephants sitting at the table. Spoiled brats in size 0 leaning towards -1 (if they could, they would!)
First of all, there is nothing wrong in enjoying food, no matter what size you are. All in moderation! Second, you can be curvy and healthy too. So the next time you are at a table with women/girls like these 'pieces of art', eat what you please, assume your body and be confidence - or else just make new friends and hang out with a better crowd! No need to have that sort of negativity around you...

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  1. i alwys eat what i want last time i was with a group of friends well not friends but some of b*** and they were looking at me in a horrible way just cause i ate a piece of chicken and all they were like ooh no thx cant eat am on diet i was like u know what,,, fu i dun need that and that was last time i saw them D
    i think we all know if we are over weight we dun need that look, or that advice, i love this post keep going girl <3

  2. I guess we all at some points in our lives got those looks, indiscreet comments and bad attitude. I am sorry you had to go through that, but at the end of the day it is nobody's business what you eat and where you eat. Your health is your responsibility and it is indeed a BIG responsibility. These kind of people are just mentally sick, mean and ironically insecure. So they'd rather pick on someone else instead of on themselves.
    I hope I'll come across more great articles like these but surely more positive ones. #curvesrock !