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Aside from my everlasting venture into the plus size fashion movement, I every now and then give myself some time to work on some graphic design projects. Just yesterday, my husband Hass Dennaoui and I launched a new platform for real hip hop culture.

A new magazine where the main focus is to uncover the true essence of this unfairly 'convicted' music genre, to spot real talents and to discuss issues that matter. Although it is initially a western art form of expression, the Arab youth is borrowing the cadence of hip hop and applying their lyrics, emotions and issues into a new movement called Arabic Hip Hop. Basically, the aim of this magazine is to fight the degrading mainstream and music industry that is spoon-feeding the world with unethical and demeaning behaviors - by focusing on what is positive, on real talents and on matters that are bleeding society and need urgent action. The power of the word and the rhythm of hip hop could be one of the ways to reach out to the youth and educate them on true values.
Hip Hop is essentially poetry. I - myself - call it 'beating poetry'.

So not to make this too long, I am proud to share my work with you and I hope you will enjoy it too. I would love it if you could check it out and let me know what you think.
I know it is out of context but creativity is in everything. first issue. Hopefully many more to come...
I would love to get your feedback

Have a fabulous day ladies! Xx

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