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I always had a thing for book fairs. I usually set a reminder on my calendar not to miss this grand realm of publishers, sellers, writers, book signings, and lectures. This particular one is happening in Sharjah, UAE and it is one of the largest book fairs in the Arab region | Middle East. I haven't had the opportunity to attend it yet but it is great to promote such missions that try to enrich the love of reading and knowledge in children through books.

6th to 16th November 2013
Expo Center Sharjah, UAE

That being said, I have a particular interest and love for children's books. The Arabic children's book has evolved in such a great way over the years. From the story plots to the illustrations, they have become attractive visual icons on book shelves. One of my favorite publishers are Kalimat Publishing.

“Kalimat is determined to make the best use of this year’s participation in order to press ahead with its drive to foster a love of reading in Arabic among Emirati and Arab children."
Covers of "Malfoufat Jaddati" (My Grandmother's Cabbage)
and "La Taftah Hatha El Kitab" (Don't Open This Book)

I also came across a really interesting article posted in Khaleej Times online, just two days ago
"Kalimat releases 20 titles at Sharjah International Book Fair"  << check it out

Finally, for those interested, here is the schedule for some of their book signings and readings happening during this prestigious fair.

I already have my own little collection of Kalimat books

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