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Hello ladies, 

I know I've been inactive lately on the blog. I guess sometimes routine just takes over and more important things come along the way. Hopefully, I should be back on track soon enough, since there is another #FrenchCurves outfit challenge to look forward too - a challenge inspired by the month of February. Theme to be revealed on February 16th!

I should also post a few outfits. I see all the other bloggers posting photoshoots done outdoors: I envy you! lol Living here in Saudi Arabia doesn't really make it easy to do so, without wearing the 'abaya'. Anyway, I've decided to try out video posts too. So, yeah! A little to do list here...

I wanted to take this opportunity also to share with you my editorial design work. I've recently started out an online magazine with my husband called re-volt magazine and it is going well so far. We are at our 4th issue. It is basically a monthly compilation of articles, interviews, album releases, events, artists linked to real hip hop culture - one that is far from what is depicted in mainstream media. We also focus on the richness of our Arab culture via all forms of art and expression.

[ re-volt magazine is a new platform under the same roof as re-volt blog, which initially started as a space where views on mainstream music can be openly discussed, where the music industry is put on the stand and criticized, and lastly, where underground, talented unrepresented artists are given a chance to stand out.

Our main focus is to expose hip hop as a positive genre and detach it from the corrupted mainstream hip hop. Starting up an online magazine will benefit this message, as re-volt magazine will reach more readers worldwide and will enlighten people on the power of the word and the role of hip hop in the Arab region.

Aside from the well-known elements of hip hop - which are MC, BBoy, Beatbox, Graffiti, DJ and Knowledge - re-volt magazine also focuses a great deal on any other forms of expression/art that concretize the richness of our Arab culture. The list includes films, documentaries, initiatives, events, companies, charity organization, etc...

A mic, a choreography, a vocal percussion, spraypaint, a vinyl record, a book or a movie... We choose all the above.
The power of the pen to inform, to represent and to stay real



If you’re interested in writing for re-volt magazine, email us revoltmag1@gmail.com ]

Let me know what you think about our last issue...

I would really love your feedback

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Have a lovely day ladies!

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