A brave voice against body shaming

by - 9:26:00 AM

I woke up this morning feeling a bit tired. The normal squashing routine, nothing more. Something energizing twisted my day and placed it on a better note. I've been following plus size blogger and body-positive activist Aarti Olivia Dubey from Curves Become Her for quite some time now and I simply love her personality and refreshing attitude. A few weeks ago, she gave a speech on body-shaming during We Can! Singapore's youth year launch event, SHATTER. Aarti was invited by the committee as one of the Change Makers, as she shared her personal experience and thoughts on gender stereotypes and youth issues. Her focus was mainly on body image and the impact body shaming had on her, since childhood. Her experience sounds familiar to mine and probably to many women out there too. I have great respect for women like Aarti, who choose to speak out about it and reinforce body positivity and self-esteem.

I leave you with her speech...

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