Intrigued by CK's New Perfume 'Reveal'

When it comes to perfume, I like to try new fragrances every now and then. We all have our 'usuals' but it is good to explore more options.
Ever since I was a teenager, CKONE, Calvin Klein's first unisex fragrance, was one of my favorite perfumes to wear. Last year, I got CK's 'Euphoria' as a gift on my birthday and I loved it! Lately I have been seeing this ad about a new CK perfume called 'Reveal'. After checking out its composition on several sites, I am really intrigued... I should go check it out soon at the next beauty shop I see.

"Derived from qualitative ingredients and unique accords, REVEAL defines a new olfactive category – the solar oriental – characterized by intriguing duality, unexpected freshness, and enveloping warmth.

For the first time in fragrance, a highly sensorial raw salt signature captures traces of the erotic scent of skin. The surprising raw salt signature melts into a heart of glorious orris, and the drydown is characterised by sensual sandalwood, reverting back to Calvin’s core identity."

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