re-volt magazine issue 11 | September 2014

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Between being a wifey, a full-time mom, and a plus size blogger, I also design and update our very own magazine. It is called RE-VOLT MAGAZINE.
It is an online magazine that focuses on real hip hop culture through its six elements and also the diversity of our Arab culture in all domains.

Aside from the well-known elements of hip hop - which are MC, BBoy, Beatbox, Graffiti, DJ and Knowledge - re-volt magazine also pays particular attention to any other forms of expression/art that concretizes the richness of our Arab culture. The list includes films, documentaries, initiatives, events, companies, charity organization, etc...

I consider our publication like a creative hub: we offer diversity and thereby crossroads where creative individuals or groups meet and exchange services, collaborations happen. This is the beauty of art, design, music and culture in general. Shedding light on local talents, no matter what their expertise is, we divert the readers' attention to something different to what the mainstream media offers.

RE-VOLT MAGAZINE TEAM is a duo: just me and my husband.

A sneak-peek at culture from our perspective and at artists, activists, designers, entrepreneurs and the list goes on... All making a difference.
Bringing the world towards BALANCE.
I would love it if you could take a look at it and let me know what you think.

Check it out here

Have a fabulous day ladies!

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