A plus size mom with an army of thoughts

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So you've guessed it. I am a Scorpio. My birthday is coming soon and I am somewhat dreading the fact that I'll be turning 31. Turning 30 wasn't so bad. Celebrating it though was super fun: my husband had planned a surprise get-away trip to Turkey. I even blogged about it just last year.
My point is that time flies and I think I should be more aware of that.
By that I mean, maybe I should set a few goals I'd want to achieve during the upcoming year.
Not only as a wife or as a mom, but more as me. Personal goals. No matter how small, I think I'll still feel like I've accomplished something.

Our multitasking system as women - and more importantly as moms - can get us weary sometimes. No matter how super organized I am, the priorities I set are towards others, my family. I admit that I do put myself secondary; I can't help it. I feel that in order for me to get 'me' time I need to earn it by making sure everyone is well and taken care of. I've noticed that my anxieties take over me sometimes, doubting my abilities as a wife, a parent, a caregiver, etc... Although I know it is a waste of energy and time to be thinking negatively, it is easier said than done to get rid of these anxieties. They creep up on you on the worst days! I take a few steps back, look at the bigger picture and sometimes it helps. Changing perspective and focusing on what is there and is positive rather than the opposite of all that.
In times like these, family is there for support. My mom, my dad and my sister.
My husband is my best friend. He is my rock and my go-to person. Although he sometimes gives that dose of tough love, he gets me and knows exactly how I am thinking and feeling. My only fault is that I fail to give myself time to focus on myself or to take care/pamper myself. I drown in my own routine.
And that's wrong...

I find myself giving the same advice to other friends who are moms but it is funny that I rarely apply it to me. That's also where my list and set of goals comes in. Little things that will make me feel accomplished in this rocky phase of parenthood and raising our kiddo. Many factors make this stage a little uneasy but I know in time, things will get better. Just like any other stage in life, everything takes time, patience and dedication. I owe my strength to my supporting hubby, my loving family and the plus size blogosphere that has added so much to me confidence as a woman.

So anyway, I haven't prepared my list yet but I am sure it will fall into three categories:
plus size fashion, health (emotional/physical) and leisure.

I am hoping for the best...

What are your lists?

Have a fabulous day lovelies

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  1. So true nounz...i believe in taking a look back, changing perspective, it adds new fresh air into your life...and positiveness it just fixes everything :)

    1. We need to remind ourselves regularly to take that little time out :) Xx