Cocoa & Co. has moved... The 'Cake Queen' is now in Beirut Souks!

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Yummies baker, cookies decorator and cake queen Hala Audi Beydoun has recently opened her shop Cocoa & Co. in Beirut Souks! Follow pretty pink frosted cupcake-footsteps and it will lead you to her inviting and irresistibly whimsical store of goodies. A variety of colorful and eye-catching delights, from brownies, cakes, cookies, cupcakes, candy cakes, layer cakes and all sorts of eatable bouquets.

I met Hala back in early 2006, in a Valentine's Day Designers Exhibition in Beirut. It was then that I fell in love with her super fudgy brownies. Packed in a red cube box, they leave you in awe. They are heavenly! Not only that. Our meeting will forever be memorable because I was the girl who bought from her a special Valentine edition of string-wearing-butt-shaped cookies, that I  purchased in front of my mom and that I intended to send to my bf (now hubby) in Saudi Arabia!
In 2007, I went back to Cocoa & Co. as I was looking for my engagement party favors - something out of the ordinary. My mind was set on those beautiful hands of Fatima and Turkish eyes shaped cookies. Meticulously decorated, they were a sensation among all the guests!

Be sure to drop by Cocoa & Co. You'll definitely find something you like! And there is a seating area right in front of the store, for a sweet coffee break, to savor on Cocoa & Co's delights on location.
Hala also takes special orders and confections fun customized cakes for all ages...

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