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by - 10:56:00 PM

That four-letter word spells out temptations and bargains! SALE! 
First stop, Forever21 and I left the store with those comfortable grey jogger pants. You can easily go from day-off mom to sporty chic, just by choosing the right shoes. I also got this gorgeous black open V-neck top. Versatile and light.

Second stop, MILANO shoes. I was actually looking for some flat pumps and I found exactly what I needed and they were on sale. So, lucky girl! They are cute and super comfy. I've been finding it hard not only to find my shoe size but comfort and style all in one. Usually, MILANO never disappoints so I am happy with my cool bargains...

Black Flat Pumps | MILANO
Grey Jogger Pants (2X)| Forever21+
Black Top (2X) | Forever 21+

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