Add Sparkle to Your Holiday Look with LUSH!

It’s finally that time of year, when the parties are endless, love is all around and happiness spreads like dandelions as we fill with holiday cheer! Put on your best party suit and a bit of festive facial glam with Lush’s shimmering makeup range, and you’ll be sure to shine all season long.

::Liquid Eyeliner LUSH::
liquid eyeliners are vegan and made with two different types of base – Independent and Fantasy. These have a no-smudge, stay-put formula so your makeup will be party-proof all night long!

Success | Say ‘yes’. Gild your eyes with the luxury they deserve this holiday season with this alluring metallic silver shine.
Fantasy | You’re allowed. We insist you indulge yourself with this feast of liquid gold for your eyes.
Motivation | Do what you love. This midnight blue will inspire your evening and have you dancing all night long.

::Cream Eyeshadow::
The cupuaçu butter in the eyeshadows helps to set the colour pigment nicely, so they offer beautiful colour which doesn’t set straight away, giving you plenty of time to blend and get your look just right.

Happiness | The next thought. The perfect sunset copper shadow for a bright and happy face.
Sophisticated | Have style. An enduring shimmering taupe that will make you stand out from the crowd.


::Liquid Lipstick:: Lush’s liquid lipsticks have a super softening base, which is a simple blend of organic jojoba oil, candelia wax and rose wax. As well as being intensely skin-softening and soothing, the base also carries pigment incredibly well, so your lips will stay fabulous throughout the night.

Bubbly | Laugh out loud. An elegant and shimmering liquid lipstick and a subtle two-tone rose pink for gigglers.
Power | Without force. A sheer red and gold burst of colour for that boost of inner strength.

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