'Splash' from the Past | Cacharel's Anaïs Anaïs (Eau de Toilette)

by - 5:27:00 PM

It might be time to revisit one of my old fragrances.

Sometimes a scent can take us back to a specific time in our life or link us to a state of mind we were once in or simply to a memory. A smell can bring on a flood of memories, influence people's moods and even affect their work performance. Our "emotional brain" can call up memories and powerful responses almost instantaneously.

Anaïs Anaïs by CACHAREL was probably one of the first - if not the first - eau de toilette I ever used.
The packaging alone is appealing, as it reflects delicateness and femininity. Perfect for daily use.

Launched by the design house of Cacharel in 1978, ANAÏS ANAÏS Perfume is classified as a refreshing, flowery fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of cedar, leather, and blooming, fresh cut flowers. Accompanied by white floral notes of gardenia, jasmine, and lily of the valley. It is recommended for daytime wear.

How about you? What old fragrance would you revisit?

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