8 Favorite Beauty Products (December/January)

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Good morning ladies!

I woke up this morning thinking about posting a quick 'favorites' article about my go-to beauty products, that I have been using day in - day out, for the past month at least. Some of these items have been in my makeup kit for a while: I have been using and repurchasing them over time.
Here we go...

~ 8 Favorite Beauty Products ~ (December/January)

1. Flormar make-up Wet Wipes (20) • 2. Flormar Eye Make-up Removal Pads with Aloe Vera (100)
3. Flormar Precious Curl Black Mascara • 4. Flormar Wet&Dry Compact Powder
5. Flormar Deluxe Multi Effect Powder • 6. essence Silky Touch Blush (#40 Natural Beauty)
7. LUMENE Black Eyeliner Pencil (Kohl) • 8. Maybelline New York Baby Lips - Peach Kiss

Obviously, I have a mild addiction to Flormar.
I've previously posted about this amazing affordable Turkish cosmetics brand. Find link here...

I hope you enjoyed this post. I would definitely recommend you try out Flormar, if it is available in your country.  The pigmentation of their products, whether it be eye shadows, lipsticks and bronzers, is beyond perfection! Unfortunately, their online shop is only valid for Turkey. If I do find other outlets (worlwide) where you can acquire Flormar products, I'll keep posted.
Luckily, Flormar is open here in Saudi Arabia, in a couple of branches too.

Happy Shopping!

Have a fabulous day

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