F&F Mega Sale!

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*Morning lovelies!*

Yesterday afternoon, I went to do a little shopping, a little retail therapy with all the sales going on. I wanted to check what was going on at Forever21. Nothing really caught my eye. Still waiting for them to bring more things. Moving on... Then I went to F&F. Huge sale! And I left the shop with two cute items.

First up, a blue and white print playsuit. Love those! I don't really wear them to go outside. They are more like lounge wear for me. Cute and comfy to get things done around the house and still be able to run around and play with my 4 year old.
My second purchase is this black graphic - almost crop - sweater with a feminine "Ooh lala Madame!"
I got both items in a size 48 EUR. When it comes to F&F, size 48 would usually do. Maybe when there is no stretchy fabric, it would size up.

I also finally got a chance to check out THE FACE SHOP. It is a South Korea-based skincare and cosmetics brand. I bought a couple of things from there, but I'll post them in a separate article to test and review them.

Have a fabulous day ladies!

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  1. Very cute pieces! I saw an awesome romper at F21 in London but I walked away, I kept thinking about it though for months. When I was in Dubai recently I finally found an even cooler romper at New Look and I absolutely can't wait until summer to rock it :D

    1. Hehe that's awesome! I am sure you will :)
      I love playsuits but haven't had the guts to go out in one yet. Too much leg showing lol Maybe if I am tanned I'll give it a shot. I got another one from F21+ too last year, but didn't wear it yet.

  2. It's great post! Thanks for sharing!