Forever21 Grand Opening in Beirut City Center!

by - 11:04:00 PM

Last weekend, Forever 21 finally made its grand opening in Beirut City Centre (Beirut, Lebanon)
Ok, so I wasn't there but I asked my sister to take a couple of pictures for me - as she was going to check it out, on opening day. Forecast included potential retail mayhem lol "Gaga over F21!"
I guess it is the same everywhere, right?

Time to checkout...That's some crazy line!

The plus size collection has not landed yet with the rest of the Forever21 shopping glory. I am not sure when they will bring it down to Beirut, but I hope it is not ruled out of the equation. That would be a depressing thought. I'd - finally - have a good shopping destination, whenever I am in Lebanon.

I've actually missed Forever21! When I was in Riyadh, I went to check out their only branch there and they too didn't have the plus size collection. *annoyed* I'd better stick to the two awesome branches available here in Jeddah, which are Mall of Arabia and Al-Salaam Mall.
I think I'll go see what they have in mind for Spring season.

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  1. Hello, Hanane!

    I'm writing a BuzzFeed post on Forever 21, and I was wondering if I could use one of your pictures in the above post? Probably the one with the crazy line! Let me know ASAP. You can email me at Thanks!