"One of the most famous plus size models is... Kuwaiti" (Laha Magazine) Seriously? That's all you got to say!?...

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Headline: "One of the most famous plus size models is... Kuwaiti" (Laha Magazine)

I hate that the only reason why they mentioned Denise Bidot, was the fact that she has Arab origins. I haven't seen any regional or local publication even talk about a plus size model before. And when they do talk about plus size fashion, or in their terms people in 'big' sizes, they never mean to address the topic gently or tolerantly. Big, fat, large, plus size are all pejorative terms in their dictionary. I am just sick and tired of the media focusing on size ideals and standards that are not realistic.
The truth is this attitude is as much available in the East as in the West. The only difference is that in the West there is BALANCE. There is actually a community, a movement as a base, supporting, revolutionizing fashion, correcting misconceptions, banning intolerance, promoting body positivity and women togetherness, and the list goes on...
Unfortunately, there is no such thing here in the Arab region. Nothing! We are so self-absorbed and obsessed with the illusion of perfection that there is no women togetherness. What irritates me the most are comments, judgments, discrimination, misconceptions, assumptions,...
"I am a big girl and I am healthy."
This does not seem to fit or collate with the Arab society's amorphous mindset.

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