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"BON-JOUUUR!" lovelies!

I hope you all had a great weekend.

Today is another animal print day but a bit more colorful.

I bought this Cobalt Blue Leopard Print Swing Dress from George ASDA. Even if I am all the way in Saudi Arabia, I love looking into some of the UK plus size brands or lines available.
I only wish PRIMARK had an online store! hehe
Most of the UK plus size bloggers feature bargain items/clothes - every now and then - from George ASDA.
I've probably ordered from their online store twice already.

My second time ordering, this Blue Animal Print Dress caught my eye...

Today, I am in the mood for something flowy and comfy.
~ OOTD // Tenue du Jour~
Cobalt Blue Leopard Print Swing Dress
Forever21+ Black Leggings (2X)
Black Flat Pumps

On another note, my cute stationery radar is always on. Last night, we went to Jarir Bookstore.
I wanted to buy a couple of things for Kiddo. Sketchpad, stickers, notebook, activity books, etc...
While going through the book aisles, I saw "The Colouring Book" (Publisher: Buster Activity)

The book is illustrated by Julian Mosedale. You should definitely check out his work!
He has other doodle and coloring books in his portfolio. I am sure they are all available in UK, Europe and US. His illustrations are refreshing, super fun, simple and whimsical. Love it!
This will be one of my first sources of inspiration for potential new book or just plain getting back to art, drawing, sketching, painting, illustration...

Ok. That's my stop.
Hope yoy enjoyed my quick post.

Have a fabulous day!

Bizouyet Xx

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  1. Hi

    Ooooo this dress is amazing cobalt blus is my favourite colour and it looks amazing on you hunny, George is amazing I love there clothes and such good value

    1. Ya that cobalt blue is quite vibrant :)
      Thank you Charlotte or your lovely comment. Super sweet Xx

  2. I feel the pain of wanting a Primark! I wish they had a physical store in Lebanon, I would just move in :P

    1. Hehe totally! Have you ever been to one (abroad)?