Time for a Change (Part 2) | Bathroom Makeover on a Budget

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I am not sure if I am starting a series called Time for a Change but I just thought I'd put this post under this category, after my Time for a Change (Part 1) | DYE It Yourself.

. I love doing that every now and then.
Changing colors, appliances, furniture can be costly but here is a pocket-friendly makeover to our bathroom.

 Yesterday afternoon, I went to CityMax, a regional value fashion and lifestyle retailer that offers good products at great prices. I already had everything in mind. I had a little list in my head and my shopping was done in less than 20 min. Here is what I bought:

Bath Mat 35 SR (9$)
Royal Blue Towels 15 SR/each (4$)
Shower Curtain 29 SR (8$)

One more thing...

FULLEN High Cabinet (White) 129 SR (35$)
(not purchased yet)

Although we haven't purchased the cabinet yet, the plan below is still valid. These are my Deco Steps!

Voilà! I'll post a before and after picture soon - well as soon as we get the IKEA Cabinet.
So, what's the damage? This makeover adds up to costing 225 SR = 60$ !

A few little changes can go a long way. These easy steps are a perfect way to refresh your bathroom. You can always add more accessories from cups, soap holders, frames, etc...
It is all up to you and your creativity. But, in my opinion, we don't really need to spend a fortune to revamp our living space, bathroom, bedrooms or kitchen.

I hope you'll find this to your liking...

Stay tuned for the final result!

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  1. I need to do that to my bathroom too I have a real bad one

    1. Another fun and easy project to keep us busy :)

  2. AH I wish I had my own place so that I could play around with an interior. I like the royal blue towels!