♡Mini Beauty Haul♡ (Al-Nahdi Pharmacy & The FaceShop)

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Salam lovelies!

Yesterday's shopping session.
Two weeks ago, Al-Nahdi Pharmacy launched their Mega Spring Promotions.
It will be ongoing from March 15th till April 4th 2015.
After looking through the different offers they had, I noted down a couple of products to check out; of which was the Lee Stafford Dry Shampoo - that I ended up getting. It is the first time I purchase anything close to a dry shampoo, but it could come in handy. Let's see how it goes...

Also, I've been loving the face masks by The Face Shop so I stopped for a quick stock refill
I picked up four different ones: Aloe, Cucumber, Mango Seed and Pomegranate.
I can't wait to try them on. I've grown very fond of the Cucumber one. Very refreshing! 10-12 min and you feel your skin is more toned and revitalized.

From Al-Nahdi Pharmacy, I also bought two Maybelline Baby Lips in Electro Colors and The Caribbean Collection Grapefruit & Mandarin Exfoliating Shower Gel (It smells ah-may-zing!)
As from The Face Shop, I also threw in a Mascara Brush.

That's Kiddo little hand hehe I am not sure if it is just being 4 but he loves to open stuff! Especially my beauty products. Colorful packaging. He has previously ruined some of my face masks before lol
They are super easy to open, I guess this is the tempting part.

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