Mini Forever21+ Haul in Dubai Mall

by - 4:38:00 PM

During our brief stop in Dubai last week, I got to go to Forever21+ in Dubai Mall. Love it there!
The store is big and the plus sizes area - in comparison to the one here - is more organized, more spacious and clothes are more spaced out.
Over here, it feels like the collection is just shoved in one corner. I hate that...

I found that there was more variety in Dubai. I haven't recently been to the branch here in Jeddah but still I am really pleased with the appreciation given to the plus size collection in Dubai.

This is what I got! Two pieces but they are oh-so-WOW...

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  1. It opened recently in Lebanon too, but I still didn't have the chance to visit it :S

    1. Ya I heard! A lot of people have been *impatiently* waiting for it hehe You definitely should. Always some cute stuff, key items of the latest trends and BARGAINS! :)
      It gets crazy when it is SALES period lol