Positive Body Image for Girls from Elizabeth Patch

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I've been a big fan of Elizabeth Patch's illustrations because they promote positive body image, self-esteem, size acceptance, and health at every size. A couple of days ago, I receive her newsletter announcing that a new book is out.

"I am thrilled to announce a new illustrated children's book that has been in the works for over a year:  
Amanda's Big Dream, a fun friendly adventure about what it means to follow your dreams... at any size" (Elizabeth PATCH)

Amanda's Big Dream
is an engaging story of a girl who dreams of a solo in the Spring Ice Show.

When her skating coach makes a comment about her weight, Amanda loses confidence in her ability to make her dream come true. Despite reassurances from her parents, her doctor, and her best friend,
Amanda decides to quit skating. Will Amanda return to the ice? Or has she given up forever?
Come along with Amanda as she realizes the true secret to following her big dream!

Parents want their children to have a healthy body image, but may be unsure how to respond to their kids’ anxiety about weight. Amanda's Big Dream helps parents, teachers and other caregivers discuss this topic with children in an entertaining and positive way.
Author Judith Matz and Elizabeth Patch have put together a very comprehensive set of free resources to help!

Amanda's Big Dream is for:
• Children ages 5 and up who like a fun, friendly adventure with a positive message!
• Pre-teens and teens dealing with body image issues/body dissatisfaction
• Adults who struggled with body image as a child and want to read a story that’s healing
• Parents who want a fun and positive way to help children develop a healthy body image  
• Therapists, dietitians, pediatricians & other health professionals looking for a positive resource for their clients/patients
• Teachers looking for books with a positive message for their classroom

I have always had a soft spot for children's books, especially ones that are directed to young girls and pre-teens. In my opinion, the publications and media out there portray a much too unreachable image of what they should look like or be. The confusion and the sense of not fitting in that imposed mold can be frustrating for many young girls, especially once they start going into their teens years.

Chapeau to this beautiful collaboration between author Judith Matz and body-positive illustrator Elizabeth Patch! Hopefully, there will be more projects such as this one, to help empower girls and young women, to help guide parents and professionals for better assessments and support and finally to enrich a directory of resources that hasn't been including positive body image no matter what size.

You can purchase the book here


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