My Last Saturday Plans!

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The weekend rhymed with shopping last Saturday. My family and I went to Al-Salaam Mall: it is a bit far from our house but totally worth the trip. Well for me at least lol

I went to Whites Pharmacy - the equivalent of Boots here in Saudi Arabia. A must-check if you are looking for those imported products in beauty, skin care and others.

I took some snapshots from WomenSecret and Accessorize, just as little reminders to come back and check them out. Those cute pink Miffy PJs from Women Secret + the Apple Juice Bag and the Traveler's Backpack from Accessorize.

A fun haul from Whites Pharamacy: I stood in front essence booth in complete dedication to finding what I wanted. I didn't really bother looking at other things lol

essence Fancy lashes
essence Colour & Go Nailpolish #146 That's what I mint!
essence Matt Bronzing Powder 01 Natural
essence I ♡ Smokey Jumbo Eye Pencil
essence Superfine Eyeliner Pen
essence Quattro Eyeshadow Laugh, Love, Lime
essence XXXL Shine Lipgloss #25 Bright Side of Life

Yours LONDON had a sale going on, actually further discount on the on-sale items, so that alone was a treat! *yey* I'll be blogging about my Yours purchases in another post very soon...

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  1. I've tried the Essence bronzer, it's not bad :) The milk carton bag looks so cute! haha

    1. Cool! Let you know how it is when I try it.
      Apple juice bag is too cute! I am in love.
      I might just wait it out and maybe get it in the sales *evil laugh*

  2. Makeup shopping is the best part!