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When I saw one of Yves Rocher Saudi Arabia's posts about the new BB cream: Peau Parfaite 6 in 1, I was intrigued hehe I really wanted to check it out.

YVES ROCHER reveals its secret for perfect skin in one beauty step:
The combination of White Tea, recognized for its properties for protecting the skin, and Pigments, which unify the complexion and revive the skin's radiance, in a light, melting texture.
These pigments have the amazing power to make the skin instantly more beautiful. White Tea, combined with Aphloia extract, protects the skins from external aggressions.
The best in beauty care and makeup chosen by Yves Rocher for beautiful skin naturally.

So today, I went to Red Sea Mall and decided to pass by their store. There was an additional 15% discount so that was just even more enticing!

There are three shades LIGHT, MEDIUM and MEDIUM TO DARK.
I got mine in MEDIUM. I tested it at the store and it blended very well. It didn't feel like it was an extra layer. Silky texture.
I think this could be a keeper! I'll try it out tomorrow morning for a natural makeup.

I also couldn't resist but to get the Yves Rocher Shower Gel Tiaré Flower from Polynesia.
They are and always will be one of my favorite shower gels. It was my #1 choice when I was preparing my honeymoon kit (yes, that was 7 years ago!)

That's my beauty post for today...

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