Afternoon Shopping at Al Salaam Mall #retailtherapy

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There is nothing better than a girl's time out mixed with some retail therapy. Shopping is always a good solution! Al Salaam Mall is a bit far from my house, but it is always fun and worth it to head there, because the variety of brands. Most importantly, Yours London store is there!

Here are a couple of pictures on the way to the mall. Just for you to get an idea of the scenery...

Already thinking about what to buy... *evil shopper*

And so we arrive...
It is almost 25-30 minutes away from my house, but luckily there wasn't any traffic.
We got stuck on the way back though lol
Anyway, first stop >>> Yours! It is probably the most "OMG I Have to" reason why I go to this mall.
Also, I was super lucky because SALES just started yesterday! *woohoo*

I ended up buying a couple of things. Mostly basics, everyday tops. The only more trendier piece was a black and white heart printed spring dress with a zipper detail at the front.

And the shopping continues...
I wanted to go to Forever21 to get a couple of accessories for my next #FrenchCurves challenge.

The plus size section at Forever21 looked ridiculously sloppy! I was really shocked and annoyed! Everything else in the store, looks somewhat net. I am not sure why they are neglecting it so much and not giving it the right attention. I took pictures because the plus size area is so small and unorganized! Really a shame...
With that said, I still got what I needed...

Some makeup sponges, a purple makeup sponge blender, some head bands, hair elastics and some earrings - which I will reveal later in my next outfit challenge with the #FrenchCurves.
Well, that's it for today.
I couldn't head home without a little pit stop at Starbucks! *yum*
My final treat of the day hehe

"1 Mocha Frappucino with Cream and Chocolate..."

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