Bassant El Qassem | 'Love your body, you're beautiful' حبي جسمك انتى جميلة

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Egyptian Artist Bassant El Qassem

I spotted this yesterday, while I was researching for plus size fashion and bloggers in the Middle East.

Twenty-three year old Egyptian artist Bassant El Qassem launched a campaign "Love your body… you are beautiful" after being called fat by a man on the street, and seeing other women being called "elephants, pickle barrels and cows" by men shouting out of car windows.

Although she considers herself to be of normal weight, that didn't stop the numerous instances of verbal abuse to occur. Compassionate towards heavier women - who receive most of the negativity and hate - she started painting larger women in skimpy outfits. She aims to tell women they can be beautiful in outfits they might normally avoid wearing, even if it is just for them to feel pretty and happy - and not for anyone else.

She encourages girls to be more comfortable with their bodies, whatever shape, size or weight they are. Like anything diverting from the mainstream, it is never a smooth path, as she was confronted with some people complaining that her paintings are too sexualised.
In her opinion, "Art is not haram," (meaning 'forbidden by Islam')

Here is some of her artwork...


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