Girly Purchases

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Being a girl on a budget, I love looking for those extra bargains, every chance I get.
So I took advantage of a couple of SALES going on here and there.
From the supermarket top deals section on imported goods, H&M Sales
and finally Centerpoint 25% to 50% general SALE!

This is what I got!

The only thing I've tried is the Palmolive Handwash. I found it at the supermarket's imported products section. There were a couple of other fragrances, but this one totally won my heart lol
The scent Fig & Coconut is so refreshing yet not overpowering. It is very sweet and just enough to smell exotic...

As for the makeup, I've been trying to experimenting with different foundations, BB cremes and powders. This one is a liquid mousse so I'll try it out very soon... using my new brush from H&M!

Please share your thoughts.

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