Thank you Unilever Arabia!

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The team from Unilever Arabia in Dubai were kind enough to send me the new Dove Deep Pure Face Wash! I had previously received a sample size of it in one of the beauty boxes I am subscribed to, and I just had to let them know that the sample was amazing! So they were super sweet to send me the product in real size and for my daily routine, I am more than satisfied.

Deep Pure | For deeply cleansed pores and smooth skin
Soap based • For deep cleansing and moisturizing

Last month, I blogged about them launching the new line of Dove Facial Cleansers into the market, you might want to check it out here.
In the meantime, I am really enjoying this new addition to my morning routine.
Dove always has that extra little 'glow' when it comes to beauty and skincare...

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