Eïd Moubarak | A new Abaya

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As Eïd was coming, my husband treated me with a new Abaya and I am in love with it!
After having lunch at our favorite Italian restaurant Piatto, I asked my hubby to take a couple of pictures very quickly by the parking lot. Palm trees and traffic as a background: one of Jeddah's main roads.

I have been super lucky to have many followers from everywhere in the world. Countries and cities differ, in accordance to their society and culture. This post is to show what I look like when I go out in public. It is mandatory to wear this long black dress 'Abaya' over my normal outfit - and in some cases a veil over my head is needed.

This one has some really beautiful embellishments on the front and the back. It comes with a veil that I usually wrap around my neck - in case I need it - and my favorite headband works perfectly with the whole outfit. My hair got a bit wavy and frizzy due to HUMIDITY! (Grrr...)

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