My interview with fashion designer Wareda Shah [via FUSTANY]

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"Although so far, my main focus has mostly been on shedding light on plus size fashion, bigger/curvier women and their style needs, it has come to my attention that I should also focus on nurturing this movement. Any fashion trend or movement cannot come to life without the fashion designers. My blog Nounzilcious has always been a platform where I welcome anyone with an encouraging comment, a constructive tip, a request for friendship and collaboration and a space where opinions can be formed.

I was recently approached by up-and-coming fashion designer Wareda Shah. It was so refreshing to know that she had designed a plus size collection and showcased it in Saudi Arabia. It is esteemed individuals like Wareda Shah, who will help put plus size fashion in the Arab region on the global - or let's just start with – the regional map, and who will maybe inspire other promising designers to venture into plus size fashion.

Wareda Shah tells us more about her journey and her ambitions, her attention to what the Arab woman wants, and her understanding of the art of fashion design and the business aspect of it."
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