A plus size "Eidiya"!

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Eidiya is essentially a cash gift to children by elders to mark the completion of Ramadan and help them celebrate the festivities of Eid. It also comes in form of normal gifts.
This year, I got a plus size 'eidiya'!
I just thought about posting a plus size fashion haul that I owe to my super mom who is one of my
biggest supporters and to my hubby who is my rock!
As a gift for Eid, I got spoiled rotten! Not only is it a massive sales period - end of summer - but I also received a couple of lovely items from my mom. She is a jewel.

Super SALES in Jeddah
A treat from my mom
Most of the items are from Yessica - C&A!

Feeling really lucky at the end of this summer. It's been a mellow and hectic summer this year, as we stayed here in Jeddah. Prioritizing is essential I guess, so an escape trip will be planned for fall or winter, hopefully. One, I am blessed to have such a loving and supporting husband. He is my sidekick hehe We do everything together - alongside our spunky 4 year-old!
Also, my super mom is a gem: she sent me some really stylish pieces and I am excited to put them together for the blog. After this huge haul, I have a lot of content for future blog posts! lol

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