ALLRIOT Political T-Shirts | Urban Activist T-Shirt Brands UK

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I recently came across this really cool independent clothing brand, offering a range of kickass political tshirts, protest clothing and urban streetwear shirts.

ALLRIOT Political T-shirts | Urban Activist T-shirt Brands UK

"We at ALLRIOT hold these truths to be self-evident, that all t-shirts companies are not equally creative. Owned and founded in the UK in 2012, the sole purpose of our independent clothing brand has been to empower the masses through 100% ringspun cotton t-shirts and logos that defy all socioeconomic conventions. Our mission is to keep it simple and fuck the system to our heart’s desire, and only through this conviction do we stay true to our ethos.

We design the most ballsy and progressive political clothing London has to offer because we can. We’re a small ragtag team of select freethinkers, culture jammers, and designers dedicated our causes. Our indie urban brand creates protest clothing that serves as a rude awakening to those who stifle freedom of speech, because we won’t mince the words we say, or the designs we print. To achieve this independence, we choose to think and operate ourselves independently, without the backing of private boards or corporate propagandists. No gods, no masters, and no sweatshops. Just the blood, sweat, and tears of dreamers, and a few vinyls to see us through the night." (Allriot Team)

This one right here is one of my favorites! I am definitely thinking about getting one. And to make things even more fun, my husband and I will be both getting it, for a hubby/wifey revolting duo lol

Check out more of their t-shirts here...

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