Totally "MISSGUIDED" by sneakers!

From slip on sneakers to standard lace-up sneakers, these - originally - sporty accessory are storming back from the 90's and giving our outfits some peps and trendiness. Sporty chic or simply for a casual look, sneakers have been the go-to shoes, especially since last spring (I could even say since Fall/Winter 2014). I have been a big fan of the slip-on sneakers myself. I got a leopard printed pair last winter, that I have been wearing like crazy!
It was from Call it Spring. Just recently, I got another pair in a creamy pink color with gold studs. Since the leopard one is wearing out, I had to have a replacement :)
I must admit that they are super comfortable. And they are perfect for walking and traveling...

Anyway I have diverted my attention to these white quilted high top trainers from Missguided

Missguided - Quilted High Top Trainers White

I am loving the matte white heel chain and it could definitely add a chill-axing urban feel to any outfit, creating some luxury vibes.

+ They are on sale - super tempting price!

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