Bath & Body Works in Sultan Mall!

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 Sultan Mall is a small mall, located just a few minutes away from my house. I was never really keen on going there, until now! They recently opened several cool stores such as Bath & Body Works, Boots, Payless, Mothercare (Yes I am excited about that too, since I have a 4 year old), and even Victoria's Secrets.

I was particularly excited about heading to Bath & Body Works! Yey there was finally one that didn't take ages to reach. I took advantage of an offer there, which was 'Buy 4 for 70 SR'
Here are the ones I picked. They are all hand soaps...

I've always been in love with Japanese Cherry Blossom. The Cool Coconut Colada is for an added freshness. I love the scent of coconut, especially one that is not so overpowering. It is high temperatures all year long over here, so it feels like summer everyday...
I picked two deep cleansing hand soaps, South Pacific Sunrise (Sheer Honeysuckle, Bronzed Beachwood and Midnight Jasmine) and Fiji White Sands (White Sands, Vanilla Orchid and Warm Amber)

What about you? What are your favorites?

Please share your thoughts.

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