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I am a week away from celebrating my 32nd birthday and for some reason I am feeling particularly positive about this upcoming year. Maybe it is the number 32 or just an instinct that things are going to fall into place this year. 2015 has been a tough year, but that doesn't mean that I have not been blessed with fortunate gestures, events and felt supported and loved.

10 Things I am Grateful For Today

1. For my Health. Mild colds, backaches and some other mini unwanted pains is all that I had to endure this year - ilhamdullilah. It is a priority to take of yourself, to eat right and to move. This will only help you stay refreshed, happy and proactive. Yes, happy! I have noticed that by changing my eating habits and balancing my diet, I feel better and more zen.

2. For my Boys. My husband and my 5 year old kiddo Ahmad. They are my everything, and as corny as this might sound, life would be pretty dull without them. They are the ones who keep driving me crazy and test my patience everyday, but I love them. A household with too much boyishness but it is all good times - no matter what the damage is: untidy living rooms, chaos, running around lol
My happy healthy family.

3. For my family who has been a support system in everything I do or choose to do. From starting my plus size fashion blog to being a full-time mom, my parents and my sister have always been a few steps away, watching my own concept of success, my personal understanding of what it is to be reaching goals and being happy all at the same time.

4. For the French Curves! My new family and a community led by the forever fabulous
Gaëlle-Vanessa Prudencio and whose motto is summarized by body positivity, plus size fashion, fun and women unity. Thanks to this amazing movement I have become more active on my blog Nounzilicious and I have gained confidence like never before. It is a platform where I have found new friends, interesting conversations and beautiful women who share my previous pains and struggles.

5. For the power of the Internet. Although some people use and abuse it, I think we can always use it to do good. I have been able to reach international plus size bloggers, models and influential personalities who I would have never dreamed I could ever talk to personally. I was also so lucky this year - thanks to my Mr. Spontaneous husband, to meet Denise Bidot in Dubai! That was one crazy epic unforgettable day! By spotting her picture on Instagram, a whole on-the-spot trip was planned...
Who would have thought, the a normal day could turn into a promise to meet one of my idols.
Also, thankful that through the Internet, my voice is heard. From writing articles to being interviewed, I am lucky to say that my little existing self (hehe) I have been in the media.

6. The ability to write. I am grateful that we still have paper, pencils, pens, to jot down everything that crosses our mind whether in sentences, words or sketches and doodles. Away from keyboards and screens, handwriting is a privilege we take for granted. I am very old-school when it comes to this. I still love sending and receiving letters and cards. It's exhilarating to read someone else's handwriting and feel his/her moments of silence, of thought and other moments where the writing is bold and firm, all reflecting certitude. Some might find it silly, but you'll remember it once it is all thrown in a box we'll call in the future vintage, antique or once upon a time...

7. Traveling and discovering new cultures. Who wouldn't love that? We don't all have the financial stability to go travel the world. It is something to be grateful for, to be able to wander and admire God's beautiful Earth, the different faces, the variety of cultures in their traditions, colors and way of life, the infinite realm of food, testing your taste buds and exploring new meanings and flavors, the adventures and people you encounter make of you a crafted storyteller, and finally feeling Time in its essence. When we do our daily tasks, every single day, sure we feel the time but we don't necessarily take it in and enjoy it. But on the other hand, when you travel, there are so many notions of time: travel time from A to B, time for fun, time for discovery, time for relaxation, quality time with friends and family, time spent away from home makes you realize and change your perspective about many things, and just good vibes, good times...

8. For sisterhood. I am grateful to have the coolest sister ever and with that we still look for sisterhood everywhere we go. Women relate to women. We have it in our nature to find sisters in the oddest places, in old school classmates, in best friends, in complete strangers, in women who might be from an older generation than our own, in more mature and experienced women, in cousins, in mothers... our mothers and in mothers in general everywhere in the world. When speaking of body positivity, we - as plus size bloggers - come across many stories of fat shaming and intolerance. I find that appalling, especially when the shammers are women. I would think they would know better and actually try or even understand what she must be going through. No one should be subjected to hate, intolerance, shamming in all forms and emotional/physical violence.

9. For confident people who live their lives and speak their truths and redefine beauty and greatness and wonder and what it means to LIVE just by the nature of their living. It is individuals like Emme, Denise Bidot, Gaëlle-Vanessa Prudencio, Chastity Garner, Loey Lane, Ashley Graham, and many more, who inspire people and try to help them, just by being themselves and by promoting the truth, real matters and setting good examples and reachable goals.

10. For being ME. The knowledge I have come across, the struggles I have faced, the new friends I have made, the path I am leading, the family I am supporting, the love, everything I have healed, everything I have learned, and how being happy, being present, creating more, and being abundant in every way. Giving in to the toughness of life and keep working hard. Let your voice be heard, no matter how small or insignificant to the whole world you might think you are (not true), give life a chance and wait for serendipity, the list goes on. CREATE. We all have something to say. Leave imprints for future stories to be told to your grandchildren..

Arabic Calligraffiti
eL Seed
left a majestic imprint in Al-Balad, Jeddah (KSA)
إن الإنسان الذي لا أثر له لا حياة له
"A human who has no imprint has no life"
Photo by @Big_Hass

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  1. Beautifully written! I think one day you will have your own MAGAZINE .. Love your style of writing

  2. Yup I do second BIG HASS! you should have your own magazine love ur writings!