100% Lebanese: A pop art designer and a beauty subscription box!

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POP CORN Extra Salt/ POP CORN الأصلي | Designs on Canvas by The Dreams After (Rasha Jarkas)

Three four weeks ago, I was browsing for beauty and lifestyle subscriptions boxes in the Middle East. I knew of Pretty Little Box in Lebanon, but I never got the chance to subscribe or to check out their box. Anyway, this led me to look more into it and what kind of products they were including in their super fun feminine box.

During my search, I came across a Lebanese graphic designer/pop art designer Rasha Jarkas.
I checked out her Instagram account The Dreams After and fell in love with her work and especially the pop art designs on canvas she had created.

'Dream Potions for 2' by The Dreams After (Rasha Jarkas)

It is always so refreshing to meet new designers with vibrant ideas and creativity.
The fusion between pop art and our Arab/Lebanese culture brings out our diversity and originality.
Rasha was kind enough to send me some of her work, which included these gorgeous designs on canvas along with some funky coasters!

6 Coasters in multiple designs by The Dreams After (Rasha Jarkas)

What also came to my attention was that Rasha had previously contributed to Pretty Little Box. Some of her work was included in their monthly box.
A little exposure and lots of added peps for a hip subscription box.
Although I just turned 32, I won't say that this box is only suitable for women in their 20's! lol
I love boxes in general! So why not support one that has started up in my home town Lebanon!

The team from Pretty Little Box was also amazingly generous to send me their latest box!

• What is Pretty Little Box?
"What can we do with $ 20 only? Receive at home a box full of beauty products, feminine tips, fashion, news and surprises! Yes girls, the first Beauty Box has landed in Lebanon! And it's without commitment, so don't wait any longer, and do yourself a favor!"
• GOAL: Let you discover!
"A large variety of brands, old and new, that you would probably not have tried otherwise! Discover each month new beauty products and fashion items, tips, tutorials, accessories... a women's kit which you will enjoy and which will always surprise you!"
• A lot of advice...
"We wondered what women loved most!. Beauty? Care? Fashion? Yes but not only...! Our inside the box magazine “Pretty Little Mag” will brief you on the latest trends, let you know about the secrets of our Téta’s, informs you on the app of the month and help you prepare good dishes with quick and easy recipes! 100% Lebanese, 100% gossip, 100% tips, 100% shopping, 100% feminine, you'll love your Pretty little Mag!"

Goodies, beauty products, a trendy magazine, coupons... Pretty Little Box will brighten up your day, will keep you updated about the latest products, and will help you stay on top of things!

A big thank you to Rasha Jarkas and the team from Pretty Little Box for this lovely treat!
My birthday was just last week so it is a complete delight to be sharing this with everyone else.
More to come soon...

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  1. Thank you Hanane and Nounzilicious for these amazing and generous words :):):)

    1. You are most welcome! I am loving the canvases! :)
      Can't wait for your future designs...

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