Lasagna Night

by - 2:53:00 PM

Nothing screams comfort food like a pasta dish! After a long day, that exact sense of comfort and serenity was much needed. So, I decided to treat my hubby to a super delish jumbo lasagna :)
I usually like to keep it light simple and disregard the white sauce. All tomato sauce and cheese in between layers and of course on top.

Thank you GOODY precooked pasta sheets! lol It makes it 1000 times easier to do lasagna.

Oh well, Halloween was pretty quite this year. We usually at least dress up and take some pictures with our kiddo. But, lately, a lot of things have been going on in our life. We took a moment to relax and enjoy some good home food.
30 to 40 min in the oven and you can have a yummy dish to savor and end the day with.

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