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So you step foot into that restaurant, maybe your reserved by phone, maybe you didn’t, even if you did, you can’t remember who you talked over the phone with, now the restaurant has to make sure that your name is in that list, waiter is looking at the list, but your name is not popping. Nepotism takes place, you know someone who knows someone; one phone call and BAM! That table window side table overlooking the best view is no longer reserved and hosts are welcoming you with a smile on their face.

This is merely one of the problems Khalil Shadid - Founder and CEO of Reserveout – wanted to solve by creating his online reservation company, Reserveout.

 A walk down memory lane 
Back in 2009, Khalil was studying in New York, and was invited to a wedding in Amman, Jordan. The morning of the wedding Khalil wanted to book a table for brunch, and he couldn’t get a restaurant booking service in Amman, and it wasn’t only Amman, after some research, Khalil found that this system wasn’t available in most of the Middle Eastern countries, and more importantly 99% of restaurants were not using technology to manage their business. So he opted to solve this problem by and increase the ‘online presence’ for restaurants by creating Reserveout, and get rid of the traditional pen and paper system with an online reservation, and table and customer data management platform, all these combined was set to increase the efficiency and quality of customer service at restaurants.

 Middle East & restaurants 
As a service that allows diners to search, view, and make reservation at restaurants in Dubai, this e-reservation business sought to end this problem. With the rapid growth of internet and smartphone dependence in the Middle East, especially in the Gulf region and the Levant, people are adapting the fast pace of life, and this is where Reserveout comes in, as a platform that doesn’t only offer instant reservations, but also keeps users updated with the latest events.

Aside to it being useful to users, Reserveout operates on a whole new level with services and platforms available through different applications and devices to help restaurant operate their businesses efficiently and utilize their resources, aiming to integrate technology in order to make the customer’s life easier through automated tasks, instantly booking, and benefiting from the latest events that they don’t want to miss, and help businesses make more money by simply putting every resource correctly into the right place.

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  1. You know, I used it last month to book a table for dinner at Couqley Dbayeh, but when I arrived, my name was not on the reservations list. Luckily it was not a busy night, so I got my choice of restaurant. But otherwise, I don't know why my booking fell through the cracks.

  2. Hello Danielle, this is Alia el Khatib, country manager of Reserveout Beirut. I apologize for the incentive at Couqley Dbayeh. We have contacted the outlet manager and found the reservation on the system, but there might have been an internet issue. I would like to contact you in private in order to compensate for this inconvenience.

    Kindly give me your mobile or email if possible on

    Thank you,


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