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Another word not everyone wants to spell out - ASD: Autism Spectrum Disorder
It is not a disease, it is a way of perceiving things.
So what is it about? Is it another one of those clichés society likes to throw at us?
-  like "Oh, he doesn't look like he has autism"
Is it because I always show my 5 year old's good side, his smiles and happy moments?

No one is trying to fool anyone. The challenge is real. The daily struggle is even more intense. It is the probabilities, the possibilities, the unexpected, the unpredictable aspect of autism that makes it so challenging. Mamahood comes with its own pack of challenges, there is no question about that. In tough times, I am lucky to have a solid support system which is my family, my friends and above all my husband. Another stereotype is taking dads as only providers. Sure it is their essential role, but society forgets how dads actually step up and switch to their "alter egos" (a good one) where they participate, they worry, they act, they are completely committed, engaged, attentive and mostly they give out that extra dose of positivity children need, bringing comfort, fun, a sense of security to the family.
My boys are a dynamic duo! The bond they have is "indescribable".
I cannot list all the ways and situations I've seen my husband handle like a boss and didn't think "What would I do without him?" with complete pride. My little 5 year is a handful, msA. Good days are great but when tantrums and crisis mode hit it's frustrating and tiring. Parenthood is put to the test every single day, in patience, in our ability to react and respond quickly, to being instantaneously witty, to being more creative in problem solving, to physically handling and taking care of a child who isn't always aware of what is safe and what is dangerous, to communicate verbally with a precious angel who thinks, expresses himself and breathes visually. This is only a glimpse.

Our 5 year old deserves the right environment for him to thrive, to find his strengths, qualities and fields of interests. Living here in Saudi Arabia will not provide that for him. Just last month, we were in Dubai for a birthday getaway. Ahmad loves traveling. We try our best to travel at least once a year, somewhere new that could stimulate his curiosity. It makes him want to express himself more. Anyway, during our stay in Dubai we came across a couple of centers that cater to Ahmad's needs in terms of ABA therapy, activities, education and all that is necessary for him to "excel".

We are reaching out to you, a vast community of friends and family, to help us help Ahmad.
We started up an online fundraiser for him just two weeks ago. We would truly appreciate your support. Spread the word and please donate generously.

It is crunch time! I have so much faith in our network of friends, that you will all help us just get through this new phase. 2016: To new beginnings!

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