Get Valentine's ready with Virgin Megastore! ♥

Only a month away from another favorite holiday 'Valentine's Day'!
Small gestures go a long way; little things always make a difference and Virgin Megastore have thought of a couple of things for you. Think you haven't figured out what to get your loved one yet? Check out these ideas! You might just get inspired...

1. Little things go a long way...

1. Jaeci Delicate Necklace Love is my Religion 99AED • 2. Seltzer Canvas Zip PouchBig Red Heart • 3. Mini Book- Love Quotations from the Heart 29AED
4. Jaeci Delicate Necklace Give to Love to Give 99AED

5. Ban.Do The Getaway Luggage Tag Florabunda/The Getaway Luggage Tag I'm Outta Here (Pink) 59AED • 6. Ban.Do It's the Drinks Talking Coaster Set Drink 79AED • 7. Ban.Do The Getaway Passport Holder Florabunda/Ban.Do The Getaway Passport Holder I'm Outta Here 119AED

Bando Zip Zip Keychain Pounch (Hearts) 99AED

8. Bando Twisted Scarf (Hearts) 99AED • 9. Bando Rough Draft Spiral Notebook 59AED • 10. Bando I Did My Best Thermo Mug/Bando Sip Sip Tumbler with Straw Neon Heart with Stripes 89AED

11. Bougle Message Candles Best Friend 79AED • 12. Bougle Message Candles From Paris With Love 79AED • 13. Bloomingville Cups Mine-Yours 49-39AED • 14. Bougle Message Candles 100% Amour/Bougle Message Candles Best Friend 79AED

15. Joe Vanek Zip Pouch If All Else Fails/Joe Vanek Zip Pouch Kiss James Franco 99AED • 16. Silkomart Chocolate Mould 39AED • 17. Love your Life by Dominique Bertolucci 49AED • 18. Paper Products Design Graphic Love Mug 79AED • 19. Made by Millie Mackintosh 109AED

2. All set with a Gift Set! ♥

3. And more... ♥

Go to your nearest Virgin Megastore branch
and fill your shopping bask
et with more hearts and love!

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Have a fabulous day lovelies

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