'Think Outerwear!' | Forever21 Dubai Mall

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We've officially moved to Dubai! We haven't completely settled in yet but we are enjoying this new beginning as much as we can, even with all the challenges that come with being in a new city and taking care of/entertaining our 5 year old son.

The weather has been amazing! The only problem is I haven't really packed for this breezy weather. Most of my clothes are short sleeves tees and jeans; the rest is all packed away in boxes, which we still haven't shipped to us here. Last night, we went to Dubai Mall, for me to check out Forever21 and maybe get some jackets and outerwear.

This is what I ended up with...

Plus Size Collared No Thanks Sweatshirt
Denim Sweatshirt
Crop Navy/Bordeaux Sweater/Hoodie

Now I am good to go!
What have been your favorite outerwear this season?

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Have a fabulous day lovelies ♡

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