A Saturday at BOXPARK (Dubai)

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It started out as a lazy Saturday at home. By the time I finished cleaning up and cooking, it was late afternoon. Being a mom to an autistic kid, the smallest things become a challenge. We just moved to Dubai and our home is still not 100% in order - well at least not as we like it to be. There are still few more boxes to unpack, nothing major. But once that is taken care of, once and for all, routine can sink back in. Right now, it's like doing patchwork. Ok so enough about that...

At the end of the day, Ahmad is just like any five year old and he needs to be entertained, even if our outings have to be tailored to the detail. So, hubby decided to take us to Jumeirah by the beach, to discover that part of Dubai. We were just in time for sunset, but due to our still lack to coordination we saw the magic scenery from far but we did eventually reach the beach. A beautiful walk, orange pinks in the sky and small crowds taking selfies, jogging or just sitting in front of this wonderful scenic masterpiece.

In our way to the beach, we spotted BoxPark, which is an offbeat outdoor concept by Meraas and Dubai’s latest urban district offering a selection of unique retail experiences and quirky dining options from around the world in a hip, modern setting appealing to Dubai’s eclectic community. Sounds to cool to miss! Back in November, during our last visit in Dubai - before our move - Luanne from Weesha's World had recommended it but we never had a chance to go. When I saw it yesterday on the way, we were like why not?

A quick stop at Imaginarium for our little man...

and a quick bite to eat at Bianca Mozzarealla & Co. .... yum!

Walking outdoor is so refreshing at this time of year. People take advantage of this period before it becomes too warm and humid again.

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