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I am a huge fan of Classic Burger Joint! The last time (almost a year and a half ago) my family and I had the guilty pleasure of eating there was when we spotted their super cool location in Kfardebian (Lebanon)! You can never go wrong with their classic cheese. Yum!

The weather was unpredictable that day. At the end of the warm season, temperatures were still mild to high but to our surprise, after finishing up our meal, we ended up going back down to Beirut, under rain and fog!... and a traffic jam! But, our bellies were full and we enjoyed a perfect family lunch. CBJ Addicts!

We just moved to Dubai so we will be looking into the branches here. The only one I saw was the one on Sheikh Zayed Road, in Aspin Commercial Tower - not far from Financial Centre Metro Station. Something to check out being new to the city :)

All this to say that they have a new menu up! Be sure to check it out! You might want to go solo to try it out or maybe get together with family and friends to test this new revelation.

"All our burgers are served with homemade fresh skin on fries and a side salad. You can ask to replace the regular bun with a brown one for 3 AED. Upgrade your coleslaw to side green salad for 3 AED Our fries are cooked with 100% natural peanut oil  All our prices are in AED. All CLASSIC Burger Joint products are 100% Halal" (CBJ)

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