“There Is No Wrong Way to be a Woman!” - by Denise Bidot

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Puerto Rican and Kuwaiti, international plus­size model, TV personality, the voice and
advocate for curvy women and body­-positivity, Denise Bidot has recently launched her
new brand! I have been following her since her appearance in Curvy Girls.

A classy and beautiful woman inside out, an undeniable inspiration to many women and I also got the chance to meet her in person! I still can't believe it to this moment! Surreal...
I am very excited to share these amazing news with you.

Inspired by all the women in her surrounding, Denise Bidot had been promoting a very empowering motto “There Is No Wrong Way to be a Woman!”. The slogan and hashtag went viral and became not only a slogan for curvy and plus-­size women, but for all women, no matter what their size or body shape is. Last week, her words of empowerment have seen the light as a Denise Bidot brand. Her campaign showcases women of all ages, all shapes and all sizes.

This big step does not come as a surprise, as Denise Bidot has immensely contributed to the big changes sculpting the new face of the Fashion Industry. From being the first plus ­size model to walk two runways for straight­ size brands to being the face of the Danish brand, Zizzi Clothing, it all has positioned herself to be a leading figure for all women of different sizes.

Denise Bidot truly knows what it means to be and feel completely beautiful in her skin.
Now, she wants to share that confidence with the world. The international plus size
supermodel makes no apologies on condemning societal standards of beauty. For
anyone who has ever been told they aren’t good enough, pretty enough, tall enough,
skinny enough, light enough, dark enough or anything in between, Bidot is shouting out loud “There Is No Wrong Way to be a Woman!

“While the world around us may try to force us into specific categories in order to measure up to a certain definition of beauty, I say I’m in a category all my own. My movement is all about inspiring others to love themselves exactly as they are because our differences are what make us perfect. If we are sincerely ourselves without apology, there’s no way we can go wrong.”

With There is No Wrong Way to be a Woman, Denise aims to inspire people from every walk of life to claim and own their unique individuality and beauty.

Live unapologetically. Own your unique beauty. Claim what being a woman means to
you. Only YOU write the rules!
Join the conversation online #NoWrongWay. What does being beautiful mean to you?


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