Once upon a time, a community was born: Middle East Plus Size Fashion Bloggers!

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Middle East Plus Size Fashion Bloggers is a fashion community created by Lebanese plus size fashion blogger Hanane Fathallah from Nounzilicious. It is an initiative to bring together plus size bloggers from the MENA region and address untapped topics like plus size fashion and body positivity. There are so many misconceptions that roam around being a plus size woman and our mission to correct these false ideologies and replace them with more positive messages, such as body confidence, body diversity, promoting style for all sizes and illustrate with outfits and fashion tips, all to reflect an image of a healthy confident curvy plus size Arab/Middle Eastern woman.

From outfit collaborations, inspirational articles and fun girly posts, our team of plus size bloggers will try to bring you 100% confidence more than you ever imagined!

It will become a platform where plus size women from the region can relate to the content that is being published. It is important to create this space in order to shed more light on plus size fashion (fashion for all sizes), women empowerment and body confidence; at the same time, correcting all the misconceptions and stereotypes that are linked to being a bigger woman, especially in the Middle East and Arab region.

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