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Hello lovelies!

As a blogger, the combination of affordable prices and good quality shine bright like a diamond in my book! It is quite the attractive mix. Max Fashion recently reached out to me and we decided to put together a head-to-toe outfit, from their plus size collection and inspired by the fall season.

Max Fashion is very familiar to me.  Max has been part of my life for as long as I can remember, even before coming to Dubai - when I was still living in Saudi Arabia. I used to love their basics and their graphic tees. With their plus size collection standing out, I was even able to find key seasonal pieces every now and then.

Max is the largest value fashion brand chain in the Middle East with over 350 stores across the Middle East, Africa and India. Max strives to fulfill its brand promise of ‘More Fashion More Value’ to its customers by offering merchandise designed in-house and manufactured to stringent quality standards at amazing prices.
Their new brand campaign ‘Fashion for Real People’ highlights human authenticity and encourages people to embrace their own unique style, by treating fashion as an extension of one’s personality. It also aims to inspire consumers to embrace their individuality and motivates them to dress for their comfort. Basically, at Max, there is something for everyone!

When I was contacted, being such a fan of the brand, I was right away on board with the project!
One of the main concerns I usually have when it comes to plus size clothes - especially that it is a new movement in the Middle East - is how the clothes will fit. It is not always about extending sizes.
Fits and cuts are very important. As I first entered the store, I picked up a few things, putting together potential outfits and trying out the clothes to see what will inspire me the most.

I had in mind to put together a casual look. I opted for a pair of denim jeggings and I love them!
They are super comfortable and the cut is flattering to curvy women.
I was already excited to complete the look!

I don't know about you but I have been seeing printed tuniques and shirts everywhere!
Trending, stylish and cute for a casual look. I had my eye on two shirts but I ended up choosing this pattern printed shirt in grey and golden yellow.

My favorite clothing items lately are longline cardigan and that's exactly what I found at Max!
Last touches were those cute faux Suede ankle booties with tassel (Taupe Color) and a cross-body bag!

Max Fashion
Shirt | Jeggings | Cardigan | Boots | Bag

I am honestly in love with these booties! The entire outfit screams casual, comfortable and trendy.
You don't need to spend a fortune to look stylish. From head-to-toe, you can find pieces at Max that will either enhance your wardrobe or maximize your style.
As a full-time mom and a mama-on-the-go, I like to feel comfortable in my clothes. Practical but stylish. Sure I am a plus size fashionista/blogger, but comfort is key.
Plus size women might struggle with fashion more than other women.

You might find your little piece of heaven at Max, whether you need some basics or you are looking for your next OOTD.

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  1. Oh, Max sounds great! I've never heard of it before.

    C x

    1. Ya they only have stores across the Middle East, Africa and India. I would say it is like the Primark of the Middle East :) They have affordable good quality clothes. Plus size brands are limited here in the region so it is nice to have a few who have extended sizes.