Memories of Vintage Peacock Prints

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Circumstances always arise and might delay my plans to sustain a more regular blogging activity.
My family and I still somehow feel the effects of moving to Dubai. Stability is all we long for so we need to prioritize. And Dubai is a tough cookie!
Sometimes, you might need to set a few things on the side, just temporarily.
Plus, my laptop hibernated for almost two months! I wasn't able to blog at all - or do anything really. Luckily, the hubby got it fixed. I was worried that I would have to buy a new one. Bad timing.
So hey, hopefully I am back on track...

Blogging might have started as a hobby but I think it has grown into something more important. It is a message, a lifestyle and most of all, it is a true reflection of being an autism mom with the plus size fashionista fairy always on the shoulder. Although my style is considered somewhat casual, I try to connect my inner fashionista with my daily life as much as I can. My love for comfort has always been dominant, without undermining style of course.
A pinch of your personality is the seasoning on the outfit!
We have all watched those cooking competitions, where the chefs point out to the contestants that there is no seasoning. Just like food, that extra salt and pepper is what distinguishes a tasty meal from a bland one. Same thing applies to fashion.

Getting back in action with this beauty!
Last week, this vintage-inspired peacock print tunic caught my eye at Splash+ in Centrepoint.
It was actually from a Vintage capsule collection, extended from the plus size collection, which is such a delight! I usually find great basics at Splash+ but seeing this beauty made me think that the retail giant is putting its creative hat on and trying to introduce more stylish - outside the box - clothes for the plus size range. Although they have an online shop, I would recommend you check out their collection in store. I noticed that not everything is featured on their website.
Definitely more variety in-store.

They say that sometimes a smell, a visual or a texture can revive a memory.
This tunic captured my interest because its motif reminded me of a vintage big cuff bangle bracelet with a beautiful peacock in vibrant colors engraved on it, that my mom used to wear. And I remember as a little girl how much I used to enjoy sitting at her makeup vanity dresser. This bracelet was for me just a step away from looking glamorous and lady-like. I am sure I must have worn it so many times, turning my wrist and looking at it in awe. I remember it so vividly.

On another note, Ramadan is coming soon! I think this is a beautiful piece to wear during this blessed month and especially for iftars. You can dress it up by replacing jeans with different bottoms and maybe carry a solid color clutch. I would probably add a set of bangles and not really over-accessorize, because the print of the top is already bold and is a statement on its own.

I am sure you are all looking for versatile outfits that capture the essence of Ramadan, while coping with these high temperatures. More to come very soon...

Splash + Vintage Peacock Tunic
Dorothy Perkins Skinny Jeans
BHS Gilet (old collection)
Call It Spring Peep-toe Booties

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  1. I love everything about this outfit and that top is to die for!!! It's stunning!!!